Mountain Run Kennel Fees

(540) 547-2961

Level 1: Boarding + two Play Times $40.00
Level 2: Boarding + three Play Times $50.00
Level 3: Boarding + three Play Times and a nature walk $60.00
Sheepskin Bedding $5.00/day

Private Suites for Dogs: Includes a full hour of Buddy Time activities and additional short walks every three hours $95.00; $45.00 each additional dog

Boarding (Indoor/outdoor heated, air-conditioned kennel + two meals a day) $35.00
Private Suites for Cats $45.00; $10.00 each additional cat
A La Carte Activities
Play Time
$10.00/15 minutes - $15.00/30 minutes
Game Time $10.00/15 minutes - $15.00/30 minutes
Nature Walk + Swim $15.00/15 minutes - $20.00/30 minutes
Buddy Time $30/session/hour
VIP Time (Very Important Pet) $10.00/15 minutes - $15.00/30 minutes
Spa Services
** Bath $35.00/short hair; $60.00/long hair
Maintenance Brushing $10.00/15 minutes
Massage $45.00/30 minutes
Spa Package
$70.00 and up depending on size and condition

** Mountain Run Kennel takes seriously its mission to provide your pet with the best possible care and to return him to you in the very best condition.  At the end of your pet’s stay with us we provide a hydrosurge bath before sending him home with you.  The charge is $35.00-$60.00 depending on whether your pet is short-haired or long-haired.

Additional Services
Medicines/Treatments $2.00 - $5.00/treatment
Special Diets $5.00/feeding
Special Care $5.00 and up
Pickup and Delivery $95.00/trip ($40.00 each additional pet)
After Hours Pickup
Will be applied before/after 15 minutes of operating hours
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8-4
Saturday 8 AM - 1 PM
Sunday Closed
Charges begin on the day of arrival. Check out time is 8-4 PM.  Special arrangements may be made beforehand for late checkout, but you will be charged for that day’s board, and after hours fee will apply.

Mountain Run Kennel
15467 Retriever Road
Culpeper VA 22701

(540) 547-2961